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            R&D and Innovation
            - Three-piece beverage Cans
            - Milk powder Can
            - General food Can
            - Aerosol Cans
            - Twist Caps
            - Crown Caps
            - Steel Drums
            - Chemical Cans
            - Printed and coated tinplates
            - Two-piece beverage Cans
            - Aluminum Bottle
            - Easy to cover
            - Plastic Packaging

            Products – Printed and coated tinplates


            Main Application: Printed and coated tinplate for other manufacturers to produce mextal containers, batteries, other electrical items and electrical appliances, such as rice cookers.

            Technical Specifications: The largest print size up to 1200 * 1000 mm

            Manufacturing Equipment: Equipped with British CrabTree FasdReady / MarquessUV (High speed five-color printing machine) and over 10 printing& coating machines (British CrabTree、Japanese Fuji) and international advanced printed and coated tinplate production lines, perfect combination of traditional printing and UV printing has been applied.

            Complementary distribution: Hangzhou, Wuxi, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Zhang jiagang;

            Main customers: Panasonic; Midea;