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            R&D and Innovation
            - Three-piece beverage Cans
            - Milk powder Can
            - General food Can
            - Aerosol Cans
            - Twist Caps
            - Crown Caps
            - Steel Drums
            - Chemical Cans
            - Printed and coated tinplates
            - Two-piece beverage Cans
            - Aluminum Bottle
            - Easy to cover
            - Plastic Packaging

            Products – General food Can


            General food can mainly for packaging fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood which need to be processing, such as tomatoes, mushrooms and so on. The main package distribution is Chengdu and Tianjin factory.

            The company is expected that general food can business will maintain high-speed growth in the foreseeable future. With the more stringent standards for food packaging, the company will be able to seize more business opportunities by taking advantage of technology.

            Complementary distribution: Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin;