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            R&D and Innovation
            - Three-piece beverage Cans
            - Milk powder Can
            - General food Can
            - Aerosol Cans
            - Twist Caps
            - Crown Caps
            - Steel Drums
            - Chemical Cans
            - Printed and coated tinplates
            - Two-piece beverage Cans
            - Aluminum Bottle
            - Easy to cover
            - Plastic Packaging

            Products – Plastic Packaging


            CPMC have several imported blow packaging and injection molding production lines, and enjoy a solid reputation in the applied fields of petrochemical, daily chemical and oil containers. We have now formed three main client groups in the daily chemical, condiments and dairy industry.

            CPMC are dedicated to provide plastic packaging solutions for food and beverage, in pursuit of long-term development. We are also developing better ways of business operations like building supplementary workshop within the factory and seeking support from nearby regions, taking full advantage of our national layout.