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            R&D and Innovation
            - Three-piece beverage Cans
            - Milk powder Can
            - General food Can
            - Aerosol Cans
            - Twist Caps
            - Crown Caps
            - Steel Drums
            - Chemical Cans
            - Printed and coated tinplates
            - Two-piece beverage Cans
            - Aluminum Bottle
            - Easy to cover
            - Plastic Packaging

            Products – Three-piece beverage Cans


            Three-piece beverage Cans

            Main Application: Tinplate cans with easy-open ends for packaging tea drinks, protein drinks, energy drinks, congees, fruit and vegetable juices and coffee drinks.

            Technical Specifications: CPMC offer two types of cans: φ52 and φ65 with single necking and triple necking, ranging from 200ml to 370ml capacity.

            Manufacturing Equipment: CPMC have dozens of -advanced medium-and high-speed can-making lines imported from Switzerland and the USA.

            Complementary distribution: Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, ZhangJiagang;

            Main customers: JDB; Red Bull;